Further tests after conclusion

Further tests after conclusion

You may have further tests to discover about the phase of the malignancy. The stage is the manner by which far the malignant growth has developed and on the off chance that it has spread. The further tests you may have are:

Mediastinoscopy – a long, slender cylinder is embedded into your chest through a little cut at the base of your neck. You have this under a general analgesic. They look at the center of the chest and lymph hubs and take tests of tissue (biopsies).

Thoracoscopy – a slender cylinder is gone through the cuts in your chest and take a biopsy of the covering of the lungs (the pleura). This is normally done under a general sedative. The specialist can expel any liquid that may have gathered there.

X-ray examine – utilizes attraction to develop a point by point picture of territories of your body.

Ultrasound examine – utilizes sound-waves to take a gander at parts of the body, for example, the liver, to check whether the disease has spread.

Breathing and heart tests – used to check how well your lungs and heart are working. You may have this if your treatment plan includes medical procedure or radiotherapy.

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